Doctor Paul Glasser
with a 23 inch Brown
Due to Internet access and time, it is hard for me to update this page.
It is very easy for me to post reports and pictures on facebook! I was doing this report to mostly to keep friends and clients informed without answering lots of phone calls. Fishing reports are good...but..with social media these days, there are a lot of people where there were once least on the weekends! Follow me on facebook or click this link. I will post when I can. I will leave the reports below as an example of the fishing that I offer.
                                     Thank You So Much!!!   4/29/13
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Doc Pauls fish was caught April 23rd on the Main below Hankins. Hendricksons started to hatch in good numbers around 2:00. We had a two hour window of great surface action and we were the only ones on 11 miles of water. Water temp was 49* . When the water temps reach 48*-50* things start to happen. When it reaches 52*  for a few days its all happening. The first fish to wake up are the large browns and each year we hook a bunch before the smaller trout and chubs move into the softer seams.

Starting April 1st streamer fishing  on the west is your best bet. I will try the main if it is high and up in the grass. Once the bugs start its head hunting on the Lower Main and Lower East. If the Upper East is low it will your best opportunity for the seasons first surface action.

The first fishable hatches will be Blue Quills, Charcoal Caddis, Hendricksons, and the Apple Green Caddis. The Caddis hatch on the Main is something to see.
Check out the video page for clips of the hatch.

April 16th 2010
Yesterday I floated on the lower Mainstem. I put in at 3:00 and had rising fish from the start.

In four hours I had more that a dozen fish in the boat between 12 and 19 inches on dry flies. I had a good mix of Browns and Rainbows. The fish  were all very fat!!!

There were Chamara Caddis, Blue Quills, Quill Gordens, and Hendricksons.

There was also a good size spinner fall at 6:00, which had the fish looking up. I took a hooked jawed brown at 19' on a rusty spinner during that time.

This was the earlist I have had fishing this good on the main.


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This year I will be giving daily fishing reports by twitter. You can click on the link below. If you want to get the reports on your phone as they are posted.............
text follow Troutbound to 40404.   I am working on a facebook page as well. I will still update this page at least once a week with photos and a full report.....Thank You!
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Steve Taggart
Some highlights from past years
I floated the West Branch Sun. the 17th,18th, 19th,and the 22nd. We hooked approx. 25 fish on mainly white streamers. We landed a few fish over 20" and two that were 22". The water was cold, between 42*-43*. There were good Blue Quill hatches and we heard of a few small fish caught on dries. We hooked 2 small ones and cast to a few others rising on last friday's float. I cancelled on Sat. due to the rain and forecasted wind.

I am headed up for a month and planned on floating with Capt. Dapra today.  We had some big storms last night and everything is high-unfloatable. We may float the Main anyhow although I don't advise it. We need a short break in the rain and fishing we be great!!!

I love the high water. Warmer weather is here! The bugs are here! Great fishing is anyday now and it should last for weeks!

I have some available days in June

Please call or e-mail for dates
Rain, Rain, Rain  we have had plenty of it. The rivers are all very high but they are coming down and clearing. I called off yesterday's and today's trips. This weekend is the one bug and we are hoping to get on the east Branch and the Upper West.

We hooked a few fish on the Upper East on Tues. and Wednes. on streamers. There were Hendo's, Blue quills, and Caddis in the evening. When this water drops we should have some great fishing!!

Keep checking out twitter for  the daily  reports,,,,,Here are some pics from this year.
Click to inlarge
I hope you have been following my reports on Twitter.

The One Bug went well even with the high water. All 16 boats were on the East & West Branches. I did a 17 mile float from the Upper East to Fishes Eddy each day. We hooked 2 nice fish on streamers on Sat. and on Sunday we landed a 17" brown on a dry, missed one, and linned a nice one. We had good bugs each day as did the boats on the West.

Monday and Tuesday I stayed on the Upper East and we enjoyed good streamer and dry fly fishing all by ourselves. Both days had heavy Dun hatches and on Tues. we had a huge spinnerfall and the fish fed right till dark. We hooked  10 on dries in 2 days, nothing big but still  beautiful wild fish.

I called off today due to the wind(20-30) and water combo, my client had a long drive for this...not fun. I have not fished the Mainstem 1 day yet. I had planned to start today, now I am thinking Saturday.

The weather the next 10 days looks great. The river was 1 day away from perfect,now I think it will be Sun-Mon. The next few days should have some good dry fly fising. I will keep you posted.

22" brown upper east rusty spinner click on pics
20" brown upper east rusty spinner click on pics
The upper East has been great but it is time for the mainstem. check tweets for reports. Now is the time to fish.
Fishing on the main has been unbelievable. We are casting at many large browns each day. Good hendos, good cadis, spinnerfalls, and a few march browns. Today and tomorrow should be great!!!
Jim with a 19" bow & Maury "BFF" (Big Fish Fighter) with a 20" & 21" Browns Click on pics
The bugs have been real thin the past few days. Sat was very slow. Yesterday was a little warmer and we we were blind casting march browns. We hooked a lot of fish this way and Jeremy got a nice 20" brown and several other fish this way. we also hooked a bunch of fish that we saw once or twice. The Sulphers will be here anyday then fishing will explode!
It has been a busy spring for me. I have been trying to give daily updates by twitter and will keep you posted. We had some very good fshing by blind casting March Browns and covering sporadic risers. Last week in 3 days we had over 30 dry fly takes and landed some nice fish.

On Thursday I floated the west for the 1st time since April. there were heavy caddis, heavy Hendricksons, and March browns. We had a 3 hour lightning delay then went back out and hooked 4 more fish. When John and Nate send me there pics I will post them. 9 fish in thew boat, a nice 19" brown, and some scary looking skies.

Sat. the Upper East was the only game in town. It was bright, the water was clear, and the fish did not rise till after 7:00. We got 1 and lost a big one at dark.

I came back home for some family time on Sunday and worked the firehouse on Monday. They got some rain up there last night but nothing crazy. I am heading up in a few hours. I will be on the river the next 7 days. I will keep you posted.
Here are a few pics from last week of Jeremy, Jim(first time trout fisherman), & George
Click on pics
I didn't plan on doing a float last night but my brother Larry's Uncle John Paul & his son Martin got here in the early afternoon so we went fishing. We floated on the Upper East and put in around 6:00.
There were not many bugs and fishing was a little slow. We missed 1 fish on a march brown early on then took a beautiful brook trout. My 1st one in 16 years on the Delaware river....that was worth the float alone!!!

Around 7:30 there were alot spinners in the air & a half our later fishing was fast & furious! Martin hooked 3 and landed 2 nice browns. By then it was dark so we floated down. I went slow in the last pool & heard fish sipping hard. We dropped anchor and fished a white wulff on 3x by sound and John Paul got a 23" was an epic battle....this thing would not come in & we chased it all over the place before we landed was a night to remember.....lets see what today brings

JP with a Brrok Trout, Martin with brown, John Paul with a 23" brown.  Don't worry that fish was well taken care of!!  Click to view
Sorry for the lack  of udates, it gets tough when living in a campground. Anyway, last Wednesday JP, Matiin, & Larry in his pontoon boat did the Upp East. We worked a big brown for an hour at 5:00 in the afternoon. You could see the fish in the water the whole time we worked it. We had 1 refusal,it went down we moved on. Martin caught a beautiful looking brown near dark. Other than that big fish early and a few other fish, fishing was slow till dark. There were Sulphers, MB's, and Caddis.

Thursday Larry, Jason, & I floated from Buck to Long. It was slow & hot. We took 1 nice brown in the early afternoon then slow till dark. We saw a nice bear chomping on some grass floating into Long Eddy. Right at dark we were in Long Eddy & the pool lit up & has chance would have it, it went from slick calm to very windy. Larry landed 1 brown & missed 2. A thunder storm rolled in & so did we. 15 min. ater we got off the water a sever thunderstorm hammered us as we drove over the mountain. Trees & limbs down all over, oxbow was with out power till the next afternoon. 

Friday Jason & I floated the Upp East. We had sulphers & caddis from the start. After a few small browns we floated to were we had the big brown rising 2 days before that had beat us. When we got there he was up, rising smooth & barely noticeable. We worked this fish for over 2 hours. It worked a 100' up and down the bank. We landed a nice brown when this one dropped then went back to work on this one. Jason finally hooked it on a sulpher. We got some nice video & I will put it up one day. Fishing was slow again till dark & we got 1 more nice brown. There was a lite spinnerfall.

Sunday I did a late float with Rich & TR. There were Green Drakes on the water at 7:00 but things were slow. The river was at 620cfs, it was hot , & the fish were hanging low. Right at dark the Drakes got heavier & there was a 15 minute feeding window. TR got a nice brown & Rich missed 2.

Larry had my boat out yesterday & saw drakes by 5:00. I am waiting for a report.

Thank goodness for all the rain. It has been very hot & the higher water has saved us to this point.
When this weather breakes on Thur & Friday fishing should be great..... checkout pics
Martin with nice brown, Bear, Capt. Dapra with a 22-23" brown, me with a fish. click on pics
On  Wednesday  June 1st I floated with my brother Larry on the west. It had been very hot and it was in the high 80's when we started our float at 5:30. I was unaware that they started releasing water out of Cannonsville to keep the flow at Hale Eddy  @ 600cfs.

It was very windy and slow to start. By 6:30 the river was covered in Sulphers, Green Drakes, Caddis, Iso's, Coffin Flies, and other bugs. We hooked to many fish to keep count. I was throwing a coffin fly on 3x when I hooked a fish. As soon as i hooked the fish it ran under the boat. I jumped on my seat & stuck my rod in the water to bring it back when my line went slack. The next thing we knew a 17" bow was flopping in the other side of the boat & i still had my fly....wierd!!! Larry finished off the night with a 21" brown.

The next morning brown drakes were hatching all over the Upper East $ fish were up eating them at 8:00 in the morning. Here are some pics from Larry's float & some pics of Drakes he took @ the Sunoco gas statiom on RT 30. 
Beautiful Brown Drake pics, Larry with some nice browns...the last 1 a 21"...... click on pics
Some pics of Brown Drakes that I took at Sunoco......... click on pics
I had Dr. Dom & Jan on Thur, Frid, & Sat. I would like to say we got to fish the Drake hatch on the Upper East  but the river was not floatable & wading all day was not a good option. Each morning the Upp east had rising fish in the morning. My friends tell me Thur evening the fishing was good, Friday the fish were full & fishing slow, & on Friday they had a huge spinnerfall at noon & fishing was great.

We had to float the West after the evening we had the day before. On Thur the river was very crowded & very windy(20-30) & fishing was slow till 8:00. Dom landed a couple of nice browns & landed 2 fish on dries in the dark in the mud flats. We had good drakes hatching & Coffin Flies on the water.

On Friday we floated the Lower East & had another sunny & windy day. There were lots of big Stoneflies hatching early along with some Green Drakes. Fishing was slow but Dom drummed up 2 browns on nymphs. At 7:00 all kinds of spinners came out of nowwhere & Jan & Dom rose fish. The rainbows were hot & screaming & jumoing all over the place.

On saturday we floated on the Lower Main & had a superb day. We started by raising fish by blind casting. From 4:00 on we cast at rising fish non stop till 10:00 at night. We hooked around 20 fish. Many were screaming, jumping, fat rainbows.
Jan hooked a couple of rainbows in the middle of the day on White Wulffs & Dom finished the day off with a 21" brown at 10:00 at night on another White Wulff.

3 fantastic days of fishing. Here are a few pics from the trip. I am waiting on Jan's rainbows.
click on pics...the last one is Dr. Dom with a 21" brown
On Sunday I had a cancellation & I was supposed to have a casting lesson on Monday so I stayed up & went floating on the Lower Main with Woody. My friends Ken & Mike floated along with us. It started out raining with fish all over. In 1 hour the sun was out & it was hot. We caught a few rainbows that were very strong & fat & we lost a few other trout. We also landed many chubs, a few shad, a few smallmouth, & lost an unknown fish at 10:00 at night. There were many bugs but the trout fishing was tough.

The heat wave that is now on us will break on Thursday night. I will be on the river from Friday- Tuesday. It is forcasted to be in the 70's this weekend & fishing should be good. Check twitter for updates......till then .....stay cool...........
some pics of Johnny King & Capt. Dapra with some stripers on pics
Friday- I floated the West with Capt. Becker( who said fishing is very good by him at Orient Point) and Jeff. They went wade fishing in the morning & hooked over a dozen fish on the Lower East during a spinner fall & olive hatch. The West was crowded & slow. We hada double early into the float then slow till we had some large fish rising from 7:00 on. The fish are spooky & tough to hook. Right at dark they feed hard & Jeff landed a 19" brown & Jeff hooked & lost a nice one in the dark on a White Wulff.

Saturday- My long time friends who are like family & the two who got me into fly fishing, Mike & Brian, were up for three days of fishing. We floated the Lower East on Sat. We picked away at the fish all day. We missed a bunch( to late- to fast on hook set) stuck a few, and landed a few. We had a good spinnerfall in the evening & fish were rising hard. Then a storm came in & that was that. Mike hooked a shad during the rain in the dark & we went in.

Sunday- The beaverkill was chocolate after Sat. heavy rain. We floated the middle Main in stained water & had 12 miles to ourselves. Fish were rising everywhere when we put in but the bugs slowed & then the fish. The bugs came back in the evening & fishing was fast & crazy. We hooked a bunch of trout till the shad took over & then it was hard to find a trout. We went bank hunting near dark & Brian spotted a mouth along the bank. Mike had the better drift from the back of the boat & went to work. The fish was in a tough spot & it was getting dark. Finally the right drift at the right time & a 21" brown was in the net....sweet!! There were fish rising well into dark & we fished for a bit under the moonlight...what a day!

Monday- We floated on the Lower Main & had good bugs & rising fish from 3:00 on. Brian got a big smallmouth on a streamer to start & got another big one on a dry later on. Again we missed alot, stuck some, lost some & landed a bunch. Brian hooked a big fish that jumped, ran, then got stuck under a log. We landed a bunch of nice bows, a few shad, a small brown, smallmouth, & some chubs. We lost a nice brown or two but could not land any big ones. We had lots of bugs & did lots of casting. It was three great days of fishing with 2 great friends....BIG FUN!!!!
Yesterday I guided Ed Steenrod who's great uncle Roy Steenrod invented the hendrickson. Ed retired from the Middletown FD in 2008 & I was hired as a result. When Ed retired the union bought him a fly rod. A few years ago he went to the Joan Wulff School of Fly Fishing  & yesterday was his 4th day fly fishing with me. On his first ever day FFing he langed a 20" brown in the west. Yesterday we floated the Lowe Main & he  missed a bunch, hooked and lost a few, broke 2 nice fish off, landed 2 shad, & landed a 21" brown. There wasn't a blanket hatch yesterday but we had steady bugs all day. We had a few heavy showers come through which sparked the hatching & rising. The evening was slower, the bugs thined, not many spinners like the day before, but there were fish sipping. I hope temps stay low & we get some more rain.